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We have all been there…spending too much time online searching for a coupon code or a special deal on a product or service…only to find frustration with invalid codes, expired offers, and sites that don’t exactly seem creditable. An even worse experience is to be forced to create an account with a site that only ends up giving mediocre savings while sending you a never ending mountain of promotional emails and online ads


PROMOLYNX was created to be better than those everyday coupon sites.

We are an independent, family owned and operated, website dedicated to providing a reliable and valuable service to both consumers and brands alike.

Our true goal is to help make the online shopping world a better place for everyone involved.

This is not some get rich quick endeavor to flood the internet with more useless or expired codes. Nor are we a huge media conglomerate that pretends to have its primary focus on the average consumer as opposed to its advertisers and business partners.

We receive and sift through all of the advertising noise, to find and bring to you the best savings and specials from the most trustworthy sources. Every offer found on this site has been researched and tested with the goal of providing the best online shopping experience possible.


For shoppers we create and hope to always maintain, an honest and trustworthy relationship that saves you time and money. This is only achieved by a driven desire for integrity and a dedication to provide a website that is straightforward and honest at all times.


For retailers and brands we create an open market that connects with active online shoppers and helps drive engagement and sales. With our online retail practices and procedures that have been refined for over a decade, we offer new solutions that drive ROI and enhance the customer experience and brand reputation.



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